Benefits of Doing Yoga Alone


It’s incredible how many people out there have been practicing yoga for years but have somehow never done yoga alone or at home. Yoga instructors are educated and are great to have around when learning new things, but there is something beautiful that happens when you take the time to practice yoga by yourself. There are many benefits to doing yoga at home that we’ll talk about today, but please keep in mind that this might not be safe if you are a beginner or if you are trying something new.

Increased Comfort Levels

One of the biggest benefits of doing yoga alone is an increased level of comfort. Whether you are at your house, at a park, by the beach, or tucked away in the corner at your gym; the benefits can be huge. Being able to call the shots and play around with different locations is empowering. It allows you to figure out where you feel the best and the most in tune with yourself. A lot of yoga studios are crowded and really aren’t suitable for everyone. Some students love to do yoga to relaxing music and some people prefer silence; classes don’t allow for a personalized experience.


Insecure Feelings

In a yoga class, it is very hard to not notice others around you. There are going to be people in your class who are more and less “advanced” than you are. You probably know that yoga is an inward journey but that doesn’t mean that comparisons, insecurities, and awkward feelings don’t come up. Aside from the yoga poses themselves, some people feel vulnerable wearing yoga attire without comparing their bodies to others. Doing yoga alone is great because it takes away that vulnerable feeling and lets you be comfortable in your own skin.



You will probably notice a change in your focus immediately when you start to practice yoga alone. If you are someone who usually places your mat at the back of the class or if you go to a very busy studio, this can make a huge difference. Aside from the feeling associated with insecurity, having other people’s arms and legs getting in your way while you practice is incredibly distracting. Taking your yoga sessions into your own environment takes away all the outside noise that might be getting in your way in a classroom.

In Tune with Your Body

The last benefit of doing yoga alone is probably the most important. Doing yoga alone gives you the opportunity to tune into your body in ways that you can’t inside a yoga class. It allows you to breathe, pause, and change poses whenever it feels right for you. You can also focus only on the poses that your body needs that day and not do the ones that you don’t think are beneficial or are uncomfortable to you.

Doing yoga alone allows yoga to be about you and your body; that is what yoga is all about. Take a step out of the classroom and spend even 15 minutes doing yoga alone. You can learn so much about yourself.

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