How to do Mommy and Me Yoga

Mommy and me yoga allows your child to participate in your wonderful yoga practice. Yoga has so many benefits for adults and children as well as being a great way for you to bond with your little one. For this yoga style, Daddy can be interchanged with Mommy. Yoga teaches your children in a fun way physical, regulation, and emotional intelligence skills, which is so important for them to learn at this age. 

Children love using their imaginations to feel free to utilize this as you describe each pose. Instead of simply saying “cow pose” you can ask them: What sound does the cow make? Can you make that sound? Can you be a hungry cow or a happy/peaceful cow? Using these questions also teaches them vocabulary and more abstract concepts that they normally wouldn’t be exposed to. 

Have two mats available or clearly designate two safe spaces for you and your child. If you have mats,  place them side by side the little one can easily follow you and hop from mat to mat. 

Here are some ideas to get you started on your Mommy and Me Yoga adventure. As you get more comfortable don’t be afraid to come up with your own exercises and pose ideas. The Internet is also a great resource or finds a local Mommy and Me Yoga class. 

Before anything warm up with few simple stretches and some deep breathing with your little one. Sit cross-legged, close your eyes and breathe deeply three times. Describe the breath cycle to your little one. You will be surprised by how much he/she picks up!

Have your little one piggyback ride for plank pose.
1. Kneel on your mat
2. Instruct your child to hold to your neck and wrap legs around you.
3. Rock back into table pose.
4. Push up into plank pose. Hold here for a few breaths.
5. To challenge yourself, press into the mat and inhale, lock slightly forward.
6. Exhale then rock back to the original plank pose. Pull your belly in.
7. Remind your little one to hold tight.
8. To get out of the pose, come to table pose then back to a kneeling position.
9. Have your little one let go. 

Mommy and Me Connected Tree Pose
1. Have your child stand on your mat side by side.
2. Have him/her follow you as you bend one knee and place the sole of your foot on the ankle or thigh. Your child can use your side body as a support, like a wall.
3. Have your child reach the outside arm nice and high. Reach your arm above your head as well.
4. Then have him/her put their foot back down as you put your foot down. Have him/her pick up the other foot as you do the same, repeat the tree pose. You can play with the hand positions half prayer pose or interlink your inside arm with their inside arm.

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