Sweaty Workouts

HIIT workouts are on the rise. Here is what caused their popularity:

For the combination of exercises that alternate between cardio moves and weightlifting, HIIT training is normally short in duration and can be easily squeezed into your lunch break. Research has even shown that with a 15-minute HIIT workout three times a week you can have bigger progress as compared to running alone three times a week for an hour.

Not only do you burn more calories during the workout itself, but the repair cycle will have you burning calories for up to 24 hours upon completing the workout. It stimulates the production of human growth hormone and moreover, slows down the aging process.

High intensity and endurance might not seem complimentary, but high intensity actually promotes endurance. It is a result of pushing your body to the anaerobic zone or the zone where your heart pumps your blood really hard, making you feel uncomfortable.

HIIT workouts are economically attainable as there is no equipment needed, the workout can be done pretty much anywhere, and there are plenty of good ones accessible online.

You don’t even have to compromise losing muscle, which can be a byproduct of some types of exercise and dieting. You’ll rather burn off the fats you have in store.

Exercises are usually simple to follow and as it is a circuit workout, you can repeat it as many or as little times as you wish. In that case, the whole workout can be adapted to the time you have at hand.

Here’s one of my favorite sequences that will have you work on your entire body.

Perform each exercise for half-a-minute.

  1. Warm up your body by running in place for half-a-minute. Then jump as you would jump over a rope. Circle your arms too. Then, make up a jumping sequence yourself for the last 30 seconds of the warm-up.
  2. Step into high plank and perform mountain climbers. Then, do high knees in place, Or you could alternatively run up and down the stairs. Repeat two times.
  3. Perform a wide-legged squat and on your way up, bring your arms to the side. Pair it with side lunge with an upright row. You could add a lighter set of weights for this one. Jump like a skater side to side. Repeat side lunges on the other side and skaters.
  4. Bring your body forward like you would in performing a deadlift and do butterfly wings with or without weights. Pair it with frog jumps
  5. Get into a chair pose and shuffle your feet side to side. Start from plank on your elbows (but press into the ground with your whole forearms). Alternate tapping the ground with your knees.
  6. Bring the weight behind your head and perform a triceps extension. For more core work balance on one leg for 15 seconds and on the other for the rest. Go into a high plank position and alternatively kick your legs back up in the air.
  7. Lay back on the ground. Bring your legs in the 45-degree angle, keep your feet on the ground, lift your shoulders off the ground and alternate tapping your hands to your heels. For your final move bicycle it out.

Great job!

Remember to stay hydrated. HIIT will keep burning calories and keep releasing toxins out of your body for long hours after you have completed it. Make sure you fuel your body right to achieve maximum results.

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