Weekend Blues

Weekends make up for one-third of a week if we start counting as soon as you get off work on Friday (for those working regular hours). But, not all forms of relaxation conform to healthy lifestyle and weekends can become a nightmare and a setback to your goals. You also want to start your week fresh on Monday. All of a sudden there are so many things to do in not so much time.

First off, don’t let the easy attitude in the air get to you. If working out is something that makes you exude with energy, then don’t wait till Monday to go to the gym, rather start now. Same goes for eating fresh. Healthy foods with a friend’s company uplift you. Go out and organize gatherings where you can hang out, chat and do little workout sessions together if that’s what boosts your energy levels up.

A vital thing that changed my productivity for the better is that I plan most of the activities in advance. That does not mean I’m not up for playing it by ear sometimes but, for the most part, I have a rough game plan in mind. Get a head start by organizing your weekly schedule before the week actually starts. Make a list of priorities and prepare for the projects that entail more thought and energy. Doing things last minute throws me off to the point where I feel paralyzed and thinking that I’m not capable of controlling my life anymore. If you’re anything like me, I suggest you get a head start on things. Its a part of self-care, by the time deadline rolls around, you only do little tweaks here and there, rather than stare at the blank page feeling overwhelmed by everything that still needs to be accomplished.

What also keeps me on top of my plan throughout the week is that I normally prepare the bulk of my meals on the weekend. No, I don’t cook five to ten full meals but I go out to the garden, pick whatever has grown, wash it and cut it to be ready for when the hunger strikes. I also learned to freeze the excess, besides the couple summer months, as the garden is not flourishing but I still like to eat homegrown stuff. On the same topic, have snacks ready. They make up for almost half of the foods we eat in a day and you want to have healthy options at the reach of your hands when the hunger strikes.

Not only foods, prepare outfits for at least one day in advance, too. Possibly give yourself options if you have something red layer out, but in the morning red is the last color you’d go for. That way you’ll have one less thing to think about in the morning, you’ll look put together nicely, feel comfortable and possibly spare yourself a minute or two to drink your coffee (or tea) in peace.

On Sunday evenings (or possibly every evening), set yourself a tech curfew. Exchange staring at your phone or computer’s screen for staring at your loved one’s eyes. Read a book or perform some calming meditation. Winding down to sleep without flickering lights of the latest online ads will make up for a good night’s sleep.

These are my general weekend rules. I’m now curious to hear yours. What would you add and what is the thing you look forward to most once the weekend is nearing?

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